We create beautiful and meaningful things

Graphic design

From an advertising poster to a book design. From a small visual project to extensive design systems. From an idea to a tangible outcome.


A brand’s visual identity and everything related to it – defining the target user, communication guidelines, brand story, logo, colors and fonts, design samples, graphic elements, and guidelines for future use.

Digital design

Design solutions in a virtual environment. From animated graphics to a website. From sketches to programming.

Exposition and environmental design

Design in physical spaces and environments. UX design, navigation, interactive solutions. From a simple showcase to a full museum exhibition. From project to implementation.

Packaging design

Product design: label, box, and packaging that is specially designed for the product’s story and suitable for user convenience.

The research process is essential.

It allows to see the context and define the direction. It’s the most likely to stumble upon a genius design solution during this exact phase. Besides, a good research paves the way for faster and more accurate results.

We like challenges and unusual solutions.

New knowledge and experience allow growing. And we like to grow.

It is human to make mistakes.

It happens. Through mistakes, one can find even better solutions. So sometimes it’s indeed a benefit.

The design process requires customer involvement.

Both ends need a shared desire to achieve a quality result. It is important to us that the client understands the design process and its meaning.

One is not the team, but we are.

We work on projects together. Teamwork is always better and more successful.

A good and respectful atmosphere is very important to us.

Both in physical space and in communication. Within the team and with our clients.

We make design with meaning.

Whilst working, we always keep in mind the overall picture – the design, the product, the event, the environment makes a whole. We think about the crucial aspects of design – practicality, aesthetics, feelings, goals.

Trust pays off.

Do you teach a dentist how to drill? A shoemaker how to glue soles? Relying on a master saves time (and time is money). We know our profession.

Successful design is a powerful tool.

Always. A good design allows a product to be more convenient, easier to use, faster to recognize. It helps to achieve goals.

The customer is not always right.

The “I like it” principle doesn’t always work. It is our job – to analyze, help formulate needs and direction. And we offer the customer what is the most suitable and appropriate, as we have the knowledge and experience.

Good design is user-oriented.

Any kind of design ever made is for a man, a man and a man.