When she was small, she only read the pretty books. When she grew up, she realized that as a child, she had not simply loved the most beautiful books, but those that were the easiest to read. When she was studying design in high school, she realized she’d been right – design can both help and be a burden.

If you think about it, we use design every day, every hour. She understood the importance of high-quality things and smart solutions around people. And she wanted to use her knowledge.

That’s why she created Raugs. Nowadays, she is leading the journey believing that design can indeed help to make the world prettier, handier, happier. For everyone – for creators as well as for users.

Raugs grew up. Originally small and uncertain, Raugs has grown into a well-educated and experienced team.

Jumping higher, aiming further, digging deeper.

That’s how Raugs does it – with passion and keen involvement.

We believe that good yeast* needs to ferment

We believe that yeast without courage doesn’t ferment

We believe that playing needs courage

We believe that playing should be loud

We believe that loud music awakens

We believe that coffee awakens also at night

We believe that the best ideas for the future come during the night

We believe that waiting for the future is better in a comfy chair

We believe that the chair is not just a design, but also a money tree

We believe that design is a friend

We believe that with a friend you need to have fun

We believe that joy is found in silence

We believe that by walking in the woods, silence hears you

We believe that to hear and to be frank is good

We believe that bad design doesn’t travel, but honesty travels far

We believe that design is a good yeast

We believe that Raugs* is a good friend

Raugs means yeast in latvian. This name was chosen on purpose to playfully represent that small ideas can expand into bigger volumes