Baldone museum Permanent Exposition

“The road to Baldone resort”

The conceptual backbone of the theme is a road. The exhibition reveals itself to the visitor step by step, gradually introducing the history of Baldone along a symbolically marked pathway. It takes the visitor through manor times, world wars, influences of different cultures, people’s stories, landscapes, depictions of the writer Alfrēds Dziļums, coming to the very heart of the exposition: a flourishing Baldone as a resort destination. Once upon a time, there was everything: medicinal mud baths, sulfur springs, beauty contests, music concerts, and romantic walks in the forests. The city was bursting with life.

The challenge for us was to tell the meaningful story of a city on a modest budget but, in turn, that helped us to become more creative. We used the principle of contrast both in the color scheme and in the way the exposition is revealed to the viewer. We used visual, audio, video tools as well as interactive solutions, and user experience design.