Brand Identity

Brand identity contest entry for “Latvia’s State Forests”

Raugs’ contest entry for a rebranding of the visual identity of A/S Latvijas meži (“Latvia’s Forests”).

Although the main focus is on the forest, everything else that’s connected to forests is important too. One’s attitude and attention to the forest, interaction with it. Therefore, the graphic sign contains symbolic accents that display not only green trees but also embraces the life cycle of the tree, human participation, and the idea of sustainability, enwrapping all the various processes that transpire in the forest.

Raugs created a new graphic sign whilst referring to the historical logo – a laconic and clean spruce-shaped profile. It is positioned on a sloped curve that represents the horizon and the vector of growth. But the forest never starts from a blank slate. There is a symbolic seed—the point before the horizon line. Built this way, the logo tells the whole story from the very beginning to a distant future. It is complemented by the use of color gradients that portray growth and positive change in physical form and also in the form of human knowledge and action. The logo both puts forward and reflects that the general attitudes towards forests and nature are becoming increasingly compassionate.

In the proposed branding approach, all the company’s subsidiaries are created by indicating the “parent” brand.

In visual communication, Raugs proposition was to use an identity pattern – a hand-drawn forest world of symbols that has three stories or levels – tree roots, tree branches, and life around the tree. The possibilities of framing these stories in a collage are endless, e.g. close-ups, overviews, denser layout, or more thematically relevant symbols.

The offer also includes a social network communication system.