Swans – the known and unknown

“Swans – the known and unknown” is an interactive and informative exposition that changes the way of how educational content is exhibited in history museums. Introducing the world of swans in a whole new light, by letting the audience immerse themselves in their colourful world. Bright colours and dynamic shapes talk about the natures creatures in a creative and eye-catching way.  With a unique illustration style that is tailored to this specific exhibition and gives character to an otherwise straightforward topic. Realisation of this project required many different material styles and techniques, such as cutouts, adhesive films and others, that together create a complete vision of the wondrous swan world. From the youngest children to professional bird enthusiasts, there is something for everyone. The exhibition has not only attracted a wide range of audiences, but has also won an Information Design “IIIDaward” award in “educational design” category.


The exhibition is displayed in Latvian Museum of Natural History, and was made in close collaboration with nature research professionals. Informative and educational materials, communicate about the serious topics of species preservation and different ways of how we, as humans, can help improve swans and their habitat conditions. The informative journey also arises many sustainability questions and suggestions for a better, more colourful and green world together.