Packaging Design

Creative proposal for “Druvas” ice cream packaging design.

Raugs offers a look at ice cream through a lens of childhood memories when the ice cream was a synonym for a long-awaited prize or unconditional pampering. Sincerity, friendliness, smile, joy, and, yes, also mischief and playfulness. It is a feeling that we all have.

Graphically, the design unfolds in an original illustrator’s drawing, in which flavors play between each other. The drawings are deliberately made in a childish manner, however, if you look closely, they speak the language of adults. Nothing is exactly straight, but – everything is self-created! Unique and unrepeatable, like human personalities. Playful, exuberant, a source of joy.

In the color solution, Raugs suggested taking white as a basis (symbolizing milk, the main raw ingredient of ice cream), and supplementing it with irregular graphic shapes in various colors, that depicts different taste moods.


Here are some stories (honest truth!):


Melon and mango barely know each other but want to be polite to each other.

Melon: “Don’t you want to taste some chocolate?”

Mango (adores chocolate, but doesn’t admit it right away): “Why not.”

And eats it all.



Miss Peppermint is an elegant lady and is friends only with very delicate creatures – butterflies or porcelain. Always looking up. But suddenly, when chocolate (a mysterious foreigner!) invites her to the cinema – she agrees immediately, without hesitation.

Of course, just because of the movie.



Mister Vanilla doesn’t like big crowds and likes oak trees.

Like Latvians do.

And he also likes to drink cocoa.

“Calms the nerves,” he claims.

And it really does.