Brand Identity

Creative proposal for Riga Zoo rebranding

The competition proposal for the visual identity of the Riga National Zoo, in which the visual communication concept is based on the ecosystem principle, in which nature – animals, plants, climate, processes, etc. – is a single system that is in continuity, connection and interaction. Only by looking at the whole system together the full picture can be seen.

The zoo itself and its visitors are like an ecosystem itself – the exhibit and the viewer are a shared world that does not exist without each other. The zoo as part of the viewer and vice versa. The visual solution is like a system that overlaps, influences each other, lives, learns and grows together.

The visual communication uses abstract, rounded shapes, allegorically corresponding to notions of animals and their environment. Visually, these shapes are silhouettes, environments, spaces and their interactions.


Emotionality, humour and sincerity are presented even before entering the zoo, with the aim of making the viewer feel that this world is inviting, easy to understand and interesting for all visitors. A deeper knowledge and understanding of ecosystems in return promotes social responsibility and informed action for the future, contributing to growth and environmental improvement beyond the zoo’s boundaries.